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Rabbit Cake

Lovely Baby Rabbit Cake Topper. $8,00, via Etsy.

How to make these cute bunny and rabbit faces. Has the paper pattern to print and really good step-by-step Deborah Hwang Cakes

step by step bunny

Nectarine Blueberry Cake w Caramel Frosting from one of my favs - Ken from Hungry Rabbit.

ARANZI ARONZO CAFE'... WHAT??????? THERE IS A CAFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMGOODNESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!

Lettice the Rabbit Cake by Little Cherry Cake Company, via Flickr

Alice in Wonderland Down the Rabbit Hole cake

DIY Fluffy Lamb Cake Decorating Tutorial // Handmade Charlotte

Alice In Wonderland Rabbit Cake

pretty cake without bunny, mini fresh flowers cake topper instead. Icing embroidery look, layered bottom tier of cake.

Simple Peter Rabbit cake. I like how the green roses look like cabbage.

Book cake.... love for a baby shower

Alice down the rabbit hole! Great #CakeDecorating We love and had to share! Anna Maria Roche, from Planet Cakes, made this amazing Alice in Wonderland #Cake

How to make a bunny rabbit cake | hungryhinny. I think it's only fitting that a rabbit cake be made out of carrot cake. ;)

Peanut Butter Chocolate Banana Cake (PBCB) | Recipe Adapted From: America's Test Kitchen | PBCB Cake, aka peanut butter chocolate banana cake, is the result of the protein shake, with the addition of chocolate to make it more decadent. Much like Nutella, hazelnut is the main ingredient, the frosting includes chocolate but peanut butter is still the star. Bananas, the most popular bodybuilding fruit, pushes the balance towards a "healthier" cake. | Via: huffingtonpost.com

Easter Cake - There are no directions but I would: Make the bunny bottom like a cake pop with white melts; use fondant for the feet and tail; Make the little flowers ahead with frosting and let harden; pipe on green leaves; attach flowers. For me, I would just attach a silk butterfly and hope to remove it before a child ate it!

Bunny rabbit cake topper set christening birthday by Lucyscakesandtopp..., via Flickr

Como hacer un conejo en porcelana fria

Toelho e suas cenourinhas by Sonho Doce Biscuit *Vania.Luzz*, via Flickr

Easter Bunny Cake-- I make one of these every year with the kids. they love it! my mom made it with me when i was a kid too.

Faye Cahill- Peter Rabbit cake! Love the bow too. flaary.com/