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♥ Amigurumi!! ♥ Community Board

Love amigurumi? Can't resist crocheted cats, bears, or other cuteness? Share your links to great crochet patterns, techniques--anything to provide others with amazing amigurumi inspiration! If you'd like to pin to the board, email me (Lori) at and I'll send you an invite. (If you're trying to sell your design, please only post that design ONCE. Multiple pins by a single pinner will be deleted and that pinner will be removed as a contributor.) Happy pinning!

Ravelry: Amigurumi Perky Puppy pattern by Emily Premise-Conclusion free pattern

Amigurumi Yoshi - Free Crochet Pattern and Tutorial

Crochet dragon pattern... adorable!

Pattern available in Danish, english and swedish 4$ as pdf download on Etsy

Cake Sachets Crocheted Desserts, craft, crochet, free pattern, ice-cream, haken, gratis patroon, ijsje

Pascual by los sospechosos

  • Barbra

    Oh this is adorable

  • Juliette

    thanks barbara! pascual was a magician and lost his rabbit inside the hat :)

Roxy the Roly Poly Amigurumi Pill Bug Plush by TheSpidersAttic, $15.00

Ravelry: Feel Better Friends Doll pattern by Shanon Fouquet

Ravelry: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle pattern by Handmade by Nichole

Ravelry: Minion pattern by Anna Kerook

Ravelry: Pearl Babies Amigurumi Dolls pattern by Pam Stinnett

Ravelry: Viola the Rabbit in a Pretty Dress pattern by Laura Tegg

Ravelry: Yellow Duckling pattern by Justyna Kacprzak

Ravelry: Terriormon Digimon pattern by Linda Potts

Ravelry: Amigurumi Hawaili Doll pattern by Amigurumi Aşkına

Ravelry: Chicken Little pattern by DROPS design

Ravelry: Crochet Mermaid Pattern pattern by Samantha Harris

Ravelry: Super Mario's Toad pattern by J. Doe

Fia, fiocco di cotone: pattern Nature